It's Only Life
It's Only Life

Hello :D
My Name is Raquelle I'm 21
hmmm lets see i'm shy when you first meet me but once you get to know me i never shut up after lol
im awkward at times but I embrace it now..
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My brother watches arrow and is a olicity shipper

Oliver and Felicity in mansion scene

Brother: (smiling  cuz felicity doesn’t want to be safe she wants to be with Oliver and the others unsafe)

Oliver: Slade took laurel cuz he wanted to kill the women I love

Felicity: yeah so

Oliver: so he took the wrong women

Brother: oh! (Claps and laughs) (btw he dislikes laurel a lot lol)

Felcity: oh

Oliver: I love you

Brother: what! (Squeals) pause this shit, pause It, I need to spaz out.

Me: (I pause the show)

Brother: (curls up on me bed and squeals aka spazzing out)

Me: (just laughing at him)

Brother: (still squealing and looks up) “are you recording me?” (Fights for camera)

So yeah my brother is a olicity shipper lol It’s funny he doesn’t usually ships couples on tv shows we watch. only stydia and olicity apparently but he literally freaks out during olicity scenes which I find funny cuz I never seen him act like that before. I did record it but for some reason the sound did not record just his reaction but I also promised him I wouldn’t upload it online lol but yeah watching him watch arrow and his reactions are funny.

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I totally agree with this.

    Christina Grimmie - Wrecking ball (the voice performance)

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    This rips me to pieces but i love it.